Specialized Terra CL Satin Carbon/Satin Charcoal 700c

Art.Nr.  30020-5200

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1.700,00 EUR

Farbe: Satin Carbon/Satin Charcoal
Größe: 700c
Following directly in the tire tracks of the Terra CLX the new Terra CL utilizes the same super light incredibly tough rim as our flagship wheel. It's a hook bead 33mm deep carbon fiber rim with a 25mm inner width that plays well with tubeless setup and allows you to mount tires anywhere from 28mm to 47mm wide at whatever pressure you feel like running. In a nod to accessibility durability and real-world serviceability we opted to use ultra-dependable DT Swiss 350 hubs and lace them to the rims with DT Swiss Competition Straightpull spokes. The net effect of these changes is a wheelset that is almost as light as our incredibly light Terra CLX offering close to the same benchmark performance but with more easily sourced spokes in the event of some back-of-beyond carnage and a price tag that is about half that of our flagship product.