Art.Nr.  30022-5402
Farbe: Satin Carbon/Gloss Black
Größe: 700c Rear
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sofort im Laden verfügbar
Verfügbar in unserer Filiale in Laufrad racingbikes OHG
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Feel your bike come alive on the open road with the new Alpinist CLX II—the lightest best-handling clincher wheels we have ever made. Hyper-responsive acceleration magic in the corners sublime over rough roads all elevated with the performance of a tubeless system. There’s no room for a single excess gram whether you’re chasing summits or ride quality because perfection is only achieved when there is nothing left to take away.

It takes more than a lightweight rim to deliver the incredible reactivity and handling of the tubeless Alpinist CLX II. The wheelset is designed as a system with our engineers controlling and testing every part of that system—hubs rims spokes lacing—and developing it hand-in-hand with Specialized Tubeless tires. The result is a 1250-gram tubeless wheelset with otherworldly ride quality.

The Alpinist CLX II utilizes a hooked rim (allowing for real-world riding pressures up to 110psi if that’s your thing) for secure tire bead retention and an easier set up and mounting experience than ever before. All in a wheel that almost doubles current industry impact standards while managing to achieve the lightest weight possible.

Our all-new LightAF hubs are the spinning heart of the Alpinist CLX II. We carved 50 grams out of the previous Alpinist CLX hub with new low-profile hub bodies and machined rotor mounts. Inside DT Swiss EXP internals and SINC ceramic bearings deliver silky-smooth efficiency and outstanding durability.

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