Specialized Therminal™ Leg Warmers Black Large

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54,90 EUR
Farbe: Black
Größe: Large

Don't get us wrong—we love bib tights. But when the temperature reaches a point where total coverage is required we understand that your cold weather protection becomes a matter of preference. Our Therminal™ Leg Warmers exceed the demands of those who embrace leg warmers with a warm articulated construction that interfaces gracefully with your favorite pair of bib shorts.

They have a construction that's comprised of our Therminal™ fabric which is designed to both insulate and manage moisture buildup. To do so it has a brushed fleece interior with a light loft that pulls moisture away from skin to evaporate it at the material's surface. This loft also has the added benefit of insulation which occurs by trapping tiny pockets of warmth between the skin and the fabric. At the exterior you'll find light levels of wind and water protection that'll have you riding comfortably through mixed conditions.

As for fit the warmers have an articulated design that conforms to your legs and the various positions and movements they go through while cycling. And to ensure that they stay set where you want them we've included fold-over cuffs with a light silicone print to gently hold them in place.